Lawn Insect & Pest Control

If moles and insects are driving you buggy, The Turf Doctor has a rescue plan. We can help control the pests and also nurture your lawn with our fertilization and weed control, preventative disease control, and aeration and overseeding services. Call (615) 472-8245 or request a free estimate.

Insect & Pest Control Plans

Wondering where to start? We offer two treatment plans, one of which will put you on the path to a healthy lawn.

Choose your plan based on the type of grass you have

Cool Season Treatment Plan

Recommended for fescue and bluegrass lawns FEB – DEC
1st Application

Crabgrass Pre-emergent, Broad-leaf Weed Control, Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizer

2nd Application

Crabgrass Pre-emergent, Broad-leaf Weed Control, Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilizer

3rd Application

Organic Fertilizer, Biostimulants, Weeds and Nuts Edge Spot Treatment

4th Application

Flea, Tick, Grub Worm Insect Control, Summer Broad-leaf Spot Treatment, Grassy Weeds Spot Treatment and Nuts Edge Spot Treatment

5th Application

Slow-release Starter Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed Control, Nuts Edge Control, Weed Grass Control

6th Application

Winterizer Fertilizer, Winter Broad-leaf Control

Warm Season Treatment Plan

Recommended for Bermuda and zoysia lawns FEB - DEC
1st Application

Winter Weed Control, Cool Season Grass Control, Pre-emergent

2nd Application

Slow-release Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed Control

3rd Application

Fertilizer, Weed, Nutsedge Control

4th Application

Grub and Turf Insect Control, Nutsedge Spot Treatment

5th Application

Winter Wed Pre-emergent, Potassium Fertilizer

6th Application

Winter Broadleaf Weed Control, Cool Season Grass Control

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Facts About Moles

If your lawn looks like the superhighway for moles, our professional team at The Turf Doctor is ready to assist you.

Mole Control Nashville
  • Moles consume 45 to 50 pounds of earthworms a year. If we think of their diet as a cake, earthworms would be the center of the cake and grubs would be the icing. They love the icing, but since they need to eat their body weight in bugs each day, they’re going to eat a lot of cake (earthworms).
  • Moles can dig surface tunnels at 18 feet/hour.
  • Moles travel through tunnels at 80 feet/minute.

Mole Control Services

The first thing to keep in mind is that most of the home remedies for mole control, such as using bubble gum, vinegar and garlic, or coffee grounds to control moles, simply don’t work. They only serve to drive the moles to a different area of your lawn, creating even more damage. That's where we come in with our two-step process. After all mole activity has ceased for 30 days, our job is complete. If any infestation occurs again, it will be treated as a new infestation.

Our effective two-step Trapping & Prevention Process for getting rid of moles:
  • Trapping: Trapping remains the most effective tool for controlling moles. On our initial visit, we will inspect your property for mole activity, determine the number of traps needed, and give you a quote. Once set, the mechanism that traps the moles is underground, safe from pets. These traps need to be left undisturbed for the duration of the service. We will return every 5 to 7 days for 30 days or until all mole activity has ceased. During each of these visits, we will remove any moles caught and reset and relocate the traps as needed.
  • Prevention: Once the moles are gone, you may want to take care of any grubworms in your lawn to prevent new moles from moving into the existing tunnels. We will treat your lawn with a mole deterrent product that will last for 30 days. This is an optional seasonal application that we will recommend during the initial inspection if needed.

Rest Easy From Pests

Rest assured, The Turf Doctor has the plan for your insect and pest control needs. Check out our FAQ and resource pages for more information. Call (615) 472-8245 or request a free estimate now. We serve the greater Nashville area including Belle Meade, Green Hills, Bellevue, Brentwood, Franklin, and the surrounding cities.

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