Time to Start Irrigating

Please activate your irrigation!

If you have not had your irrigation system activated in 2024, now is the time. We are getting warm and windy, and things will dry out quickly if we don’t get another rain by Monday April 29th, you will begin to see areas along the asphalt curbs areas and areas that have rock under them start to get dry and brown out even a little bit. It Looks like we have a 50/50 shot of rain middle of next week (4/29/24) but we don’t want people waiting until their yard is showing symptoms before they begin their irrigation.

How to run your system in 2024.

If you have a flat yard and can water two times a week, applying about a half inch per watering, that will allow the surface to dry but the roots to keep the grass green. If you have to water three times a week because you’re on a slope, that is the maximum number of days you should ever water! If you have an abundance of weeds each summer like nutsedge or dallisgrass, you can reduce the number of weeds by up to 80% IF you don’t keep your soil surface wet between waterings!