“WET to BIG TIME HEAT” on tall fescue!!!

As we approach the last half of the summer, The Yards that have been on the preventive Disease Control through this point are actually doing pretty well for this time of the summer. The worst case scenario for tall fescue is wet followed by heat. Though the breeze and the rain has been welcome, the soil temperatures are will HEAT up dramatically next week!

What that means is those with irrigation need to be mindful to not over water during rainy hot periods. “IRRIGATION IS NOT AIR CONDITIONING” Hot wet soil will produce pythium blight or gray leaf spot and the Fescue will melt like hot butter even with preventive Disease Control. Therefore, please be vigilant with your irrigation and only water when your soil is starting to dry. You will know your soil is becoming dry when you cannot push a Phillips head screwdriver into the soil and get to the handle. If it goes in easily and comes out muddy you’re going to be in a bad situation. Nutsedge, Brown patch, spurge and weed grasses such as crabgrass and Johnson grass are going to Blossom. We will do our best to keep the fungus and weeds at bay over the next 30 days. However, when the air temperature gets over 90° we cannot apply enough herbicides to safely control all these weeds in one application. Bear with us as we go through the traditional “shake and bake” of late summer. For those on preventive Disease Control program, if you see a rapid 24-hour decline in Turf between visits, please don’t hesitate to email Holly and she will get someone dispatched as quick as possible.

***If temps remain above 90 for 7 straight days, I highly recommend that you skip mowing until heat breaks. We’re bracing for the next few weeks and we will be sending out seed letters by the end of the month. Thank you for your business! Robert Stroud The Turf Doctor