Armyworm update

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Fall Armyworm Onslaught Continues

UT Entomologist quote is ‘we are having a biblical year for fall armyworms on pastures and lawns”

I talked to Dr Frank Hale today to get a better understanding of this outbreak. The moths that lay armyworm eggs don’t overwinter here! They moved up from Gulf States through Alabama, now currently damaging TN and NC. they look for lighted areas, such as street lights, flood lights, and landscape lights! Then they lay eggs, but NOT in the soil. They lay eggs on house eaves, poles, and even on underside of landscape plants. Thats why they are so difficult to control! We apply a systemic grub control in mid summer, which reduces grub populations. It works slowly, but long term on grubs, because grubs lay eggs in grass! We also spray bifenthrin with our turf insect control. It is mostly a contact product, with very little residual. Bifenthrin will only control the armyworms population if they are present at time of treatment. They are definitely late this year. Again, if we see damage when we come to seed over next few weeks, we will treat with bifenthrin while we are there, otherwise, they will eat your seed job! Crazy worms!