During early September 2012, we had 6 lawns consumed in less than 72 hours by fall armyworms.  This was the first time this has occured since the late 1970’s!  Therefore, I had never seen this happen before on a home lawn (that was not new sod)Here is what we know:

1. The common factors on lawns hit were they all have irrigation systems, all had some common bermuda in the lawns or in adjacent neighbors lawn.

2. Farmers planting winter wheat in middle TN were also hit hard.

3.  The armyworms laid there eggs in irrigated areas only.

4. Traditional grub control products (such as imacloprid) do NOT control armyworms.

5. Bird populations and/or large populations of red wasps were abundant in these areas.

What can be done?  This year, we will use a turf insect control product that will control both grubs and armyworms.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND  ALL my IRRIGATED customers take this application in the summer of 2013.***It will also control ticks.

AREA CODES EFFECTED IN 2012 – 37215,37205,37027,37064. Had no major damage to any lawn in 37069, but this could be your year.  Predicting armyworm epidemics is very difficult.  Keep an eye on how many red wasps with black wings you notice this spring!

Call me 615-394-6867 or email me with any questions or to make sure you are signed up for armyworm control this summer. Thanks!