Crank it up!

The temperature is in the mid 80’s, the humidity is low, plus the wind speed is high. Therefore turn up your water! We are losing(fescue is using) about 1/3 inch per day.
Some of that loss is from surface evaporation and the rest for grass to cool itself and stay green! MOST, not all, irrigation systems with rotor heads would need to run 25+ minutes per day to replace the loss(usage) of moisture. We don’t want you watering daily,  but at the same time don’t think that 10-15 minutes you apply three days a week will keep turf from becoming drought stressed. Try 45-50
minutes twice weekly, so the majority of your water goes through soil profile and into turf roots,  instead of dampening soil surface for nutsedge to germinate and having more of your water evaporate from wind/heat than be used for the plants!
  The easiest way to make a temporary increase in your irrigation output without having to adjust each station is to adjust “seasonal adjustment” until humidity increases. Most all digital irrigation controllers have this feature. Example : If you have a station set to run 30 minutes and your seasonal adjust is set to 100%,it will run 30 minutes. If you set seasonal adjust to 150%,it will run 45 minutes, which is 150% of 30 minutes. Good tool. Use it this week! Thanks