Drought Stress – Irrigation – Nut Sedge!

Please make sure, if you have irrigation, that your irrigation has been activated. We are already seeing drought stress due to warmer temperatures and no significant rainfall within the past 10 days. It is my opinion that it will take at least an inch of water to re-wet those dry spots. Once a spot becomes that dry, it tends to repel water until the spot is soaked. After you have “soaked” that spot, please take a screwdriver and make sure you can push the screwdriver into the handle to make sure the soil is wet.
Remember, nut sedge germination is right around the corner, so make sure you are watering deeply and INFREQUENTLY. Watering two days a week is preferred, three days a week is maximum. Try to apply 1 inch of water, twice a week, to keep the root zone wet but the surface dry. That will reduce nut sedge issue up to 75%.
Damp soil surface = nut sedge!
Below are images of drought stress. Pictures were taken yesterday, April 20, 2016.