We normally try to complete all fall seeding by Halloween each year.  This year, it has rained so much, that we will not finish until early November.  Seed will germinate each year through the entire month of November and into early December.  The downside to late seed germination is that the soil temps are colder and the seedlings often do not reach their full growing height until spring.  Once the soil temps drop below 50, most top growth will cease(AKA this is why mowing is not needed in the winter).  The good news is that the new grass will develop roots over the winter and will be strong and robust next spring.  Therefore, your grass will be shorter on top the later it is planted each fall, but gives the same end result in spring, once top growth resumes.  Seed germination has required no irrigation this year!

Once new new grass has germinated, please DO NOT ALLOW anyone to mow it unless the ground is dry.  We have had several customers already this year who have allowed their mowing companies to resume mowing on wet soil.  This crushes the new seedlings and kills them when the mowers slide across the wet ground! It is ok to let leaves remain on grass seed.  However, once the seed germinates, leaves should be blown off within one week of seed germination so they seedlings won’t smother.  DO NOT rake leaves on new grass.  I love rain, but give me a break already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!