Flood Much???

This past weekend, the rain seemed to never stop!!!  What will this do to my lawn???  It will probably totally wipe out the pre-emergent’s we applied for crabgrass control.  Pre-emergents are very resistant to dilution from rainfall, but over a foot of rain will break down any pre-emergent!!!!!!!It will definitely spawn early fungus and nutsedge outbreaks.  It will also germinate weeds we typically don’t see in lawns.  We will make every attempt to control these weeds with post-emergent herbicides during round 3 in May and June.  However, it will be a battle against weeds and fungus all summer. 


Side Note: We live in Cottonwood Subdivision in Franklin.  Our house flooded like many others near the Harpeth River.  The good news is our family and pets all got out in time!  Our office phone will be forwarded to my wifes (Linda) mobile phone while we make repairs.  You can continue to use 6157917779, just know in advance it will be forwarded and she will try to answer your calls during working hours.  If she is unable to answer her mobile during working hours, we will return your calls in the evening.  Please bear with us for a for (hopefully) a few weeks. We have been able to remove all the water and our carpet/hardwood in the past two days.  We plan on returning to lawn service by this Thursday. Thanks you for your patience!!!