Record outbreaks of fall armyworms have been showing up in the past week here in Nashville, and in North Carolina. Unlike grubs, armyworms lay there eggs anywhere except the soil! The lay them on light poles, flag poles, trees, etc. When they hatch they go to the buffet to eat. Your yard is that buffet! Especially if you have betmudagrass that is on a slope. Slightly drought striken areas of bermuda are definitely hit first. They will move to fescue, but normally don’t begin their “march of destruction” on fescue. However, they will flat pig out on baby fescue seedlings. They will eat all the seedlings in about 24 hours. How do you know if you have these worms? First, have you noticed large areas of bermuda that look like they died really quickly? If so,  look at the edge of the dead area at night with a flashlight. They feed heavily at night. If you see them, please let us know. If we see them when we come to seed, we will treat them so they won’t eat the new seedlings. Happy hunting!