GOT MOLES???????????


Moles are going crazy in 2009.  The theory is a wet spring has caused a large survival of spring litters.  How to get rid of them?? Call Keith Burgess 496-7004.  His company is Affordable Wildlife Services.  It is a flat fee service for a given amount of time.  You choose how long you want his services.  Step#2 is have us do a turfgrass insect control to eliminate their food and make your lawn less desirable to set up shop in for next year.  Most people have been told moles only eat grubs, when in fact earthworms make up a larger percentage of their diet than grub worms. It takes a dual approach to accomplish mole control.  Just because we get rid of all their food, it doesn’t keep them from looking.  They are quite stupid!  One more thing you might try if you don’t want to go the trapping route. HEAVYDUTY MOLE CHASERS. You can buy them online at or several other places.  I have not personally tried them, but a friend in the business says he is having great success with them.  Their is a strategy to using them. Call me for details! 394-6867.  Sincerely, Robert Stroud Turf Doctor