Got Moles?

We are testing a new machine used for gopher mole and vole control. It is called  GopherX. It uses carbon monixide combined with Castor oil to asphixiate the critters in their tunnels, and leave a castor oil coating in the tunnels, which moles do not like. Moles live on the least amount of oxygen compared to gophers and voles.  It only takes about 3 minutes to kill gophers, but may take 15-30 minutes to kill the moles. Moles are territorial, so it requires two treatments about 2 weeks apart to get total control. The first visit will kill all the moles on the property. Over the following two weeks it is likely that moles in bordering properties will investigate and move into the now vacant tunnels on your property. After 2nd treatment, we guarantee you will have no new mole activity for at least 30 days. If you have any new activity within 30 days of 2nd treatment, we will return to do one more treatment for no charge. Once the second treatment is complete and you haven’t had activity for 30 days, there will be a charge for future treatments if needed. If you have excellent soil and irrigation, your lawn is a prime location for mole activity. Healthy soils are loaded with earthworms. Moles feed on grubs and/or earthworms. Our hope is this machine will be a more economical and faster method to control your mole issues than trapping or using poison worm baits.   Moles are like weeds in the sense that just because all the weeds or moles you currently have we can kill, doesn’t mean new weeds won’t germinate or that more moles won’t come to your property in the future. Weed control and mole control are ongoing issues. However, by killing all the moles you currently have, you will break the cycle of mature moles having babies on your property. We are licensed to kill moles, and the gopherx will not harm your pets. Watch video at

  Since this is a new service and new machine we are testing, we are offering 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart, at no charge to the first three 2016 PREPAID customers that contact us by email. These 3 PREPAID properties must be under 1 acre to qualify as a  free “beta test” customer. This will help you get rid of any moles you currently have and help us figure out a pricing structure for this service based on the time it takes us to perform the service and how much castor oil is needed to complete the service. Please email if you are interested in being one of the 3 prepay customers to get this free service. Send email to [email protected].

Sincerely, Robert Stroud The Turf Doctor