Ohio Turfgrass Conference

We recently attended the Ohio Turfgrass Conference. There were several new products we looked at. The most exciting was RENEWtrients! RENEWtrients offers economical organic fertilizer in granular and liquid form. It is a poultry fertilizer that does not stink! The manufacturing process produces electricity and a sustainable, non burning plant available fertilizer, that returns organic matter to the soils. It is created in an anaerobic digester, so it doesn’t have the smell like composted products. The anaerobic process kills all the pathogens and weed seeds. The process also produces a poultry fertilizer that has 3 times higher nitrogen than composted chicken and 9 times higher than composted cow manure. And, did I mention it DOES NOT STINK! This line of fertilizer will be the perfect addition to our Sumagreen product! We will be applying beneficial soil microbes with Sumagreen, nutrients and organic matter from RENEWtrients fertilizer, to make grass healthy and GREEN! I will be using and distributing Sumagreen and RENEWtrients products in 2014. If you have any plants, crops or gardens that you would like to use organic products on, I will be happy to provide you with more information. Call me 615-394-6867 or shoot me an email to turfmd@aol.com.  Thanks for your business in 2013. I look forward to some really green lawns in 2014!