Soil temps over 90!!!!!!!!!

The accumulation of heat during the summer has brought our soil temps over the 90 degree mark.  What does this mean for your lawn? It means if you do not allow the soil surface to dry between waterings, nutsedge and dallisgrass will take over!!  You can get away with hap- hazard irrigation all sumer UNTIL soil temps reach 90.  You must adjust your system!!  You can’t “set it and forget it” during this heat. 

sedge2 dallisgrass


Pithium Blight is also an issue when soil temps climb above 90.  It will kill turf in 24 hours.  It occurs usually in low spots and always in areas are too wet.  “Brown Patch” fungicides will not stop pithium!  Cut back on watering during this heat.  Don’t attempt to keep the lawn “juicy green” right now.  It will recover faster from drought stress than from pithium.  Pithium is terminal!!!