Soil Temps, stand by for Germination,

Number one question this week is when will the seed you put down last month germinate? Did it die, maybe freeze or rot? No! Seed basically needs moisture and soil temps above 50 to germinate. There were 5 days between these pictures the thermometer registered 40 March 5th,from surface down to 41 at a 4 inch depth. on March 10th, soil surface temps had risen to 56. We will now see fescue and perennial ryegrass germination over the next 10 days. We may have to apply Drive herbicide to keep weed grass Germination down for about 30 days, without harming new fescue seedings. That will provide a window for new seedings to grow. Real preemergent can be applied by late April. This past winter killed many freshly germinated seeds, especially in shaded areas.