Soil Temps increased more rapidly this May than in past several years,and we were extremely dry. During late June, early July the rains returned. Therefore, preemergent that normally dissipates in August, right before seeding season, has already dissipated. We apply the maximum legal rate of preemergent each year. We will be battling weeds now through end of August. It may take more than on visit to get them all. We are limited to what we can use because when air temps go over 90 degrees in a day, our nutsedge and weed control will also damage fescue. We will get them all cleaned up by the end of August. Please let us know if you feel you need immediate service call. What can you do to help us? If you have irrigation, make sure it runs deeply and infrequently. Make sure you don’t run it more than 3 days a week. Shut it off for a couple dats if we have a heavy thunderstorm. If you have more than a few spots of nutsedge, it means the soil surface is remaining damp every day, and we won’t be able to control the nutsedge as fast as it germinates. Bare with us, fall will be here soon.