Welcome to August!

The weather has been more favorable this summer than 2016!  However, the moisture through early August has presented some issues. The crabgrass preemergent is now been depleted, due to the wet summer. You will notice spurge, crabgrass, and nutsedge invading curbs already. We will get these weeds under control with app# 5,which begins next week. We are also seeing much heavier disease pressure (Brown Patch and Dollar Spot) than normally occurs in August due to the excess late summer rains. Normally, August is very dry and the humidity backs off, both of which reduce disease outbreaks. We have completed all 3 disease prevention apps for those that take the disease control package. You may see some outbreak the last 2 weeks in August. Unless the disease becomes rampant, I don’t recommend you spend money for a 4th fungicide this late in the summer, especially if you are on the fall aeration and overseeding schedule. If you do not plan on aerating and overseeding this fall, a 4th fungicide might be worth the $. Call or email with any questions. Fall will be here soon!