Yes, you got weeds!

Now that the soil surface temp has exceeded 90,fescue is basically in “life support” mode. However, Nutsedge, Johngrass, Dallisgrass, crabgrass, spurge, and every other summer weed and fungus is thriving! Pre-emergent is now totally spent through a combination of rainfall and soil temperature. I realize it is frustrating to have a lawn service and a nice lawn through July 4th,only to see weeds go crazy now and fescue suffer. It happens every year, some more than others, depending on heat and moisture.
The second problem is when air temperature above 90 degrees, if we spray nutsedge too heavy, it will fry your fescue! We are happy to do service calls, just call or email! Please know we can only spray weeds until about 11:00am each day during heat wave, but we will get to you, and it may require more than one service call to get them all! Thank you for your patience during this heat. Fall will be here soon!